Michael’ leadership and vision have led him to his incredible journey of success and have helped him create businesses that are creating opportunities for the progress of world. He always believes if you help people fulfil their dreams in return, they will help you achieve your own. Michael’s successes can equally by measured by his determination and perseverance in life as well as work.

Michael started Digital Security Network, and because of his excellent business capabilities, it became one of the biggest electronic security companies in the USA. At the height of his company’s success, Michael received a lucrative offer to sell his company to a Fortune 100 company. He accepted the offer and shortly founded the Physicians Wellness Group. Within three short years the company grew exponentially to become a multi-million-dollar network marketing distribution company with an organization of thousands of people.

Michael has become one of the modern-day leaders in the business world with experience in the national and the international arenas. He has been a consultant and contractor for many different projects within the private and government sectors around the world. This has drawn national attention by being featured in different publications, radio, and TV such as Fox News, CNN, Fortune Magazine, Chicago Tribune, Daily Herald, Sun Sentinel, Orlando Sentinel and many other.

Michael was selected from thousands of business professionals to be included in the Illinois Entrepreneurs Hall of Fame organized by the University of Chicago. His natural leadership and vision have always made him challenge the norm which has led him to this incredible journey of total freedom and the American dream. Michael always believes if you help people fulfil their dreams, in return, they will help you achieve your own.

Zareou Technologies: Michael Jareou is the CEO of this organization from June 2015 to present. Zareou Technologies runs with a tremendous and revolutionary technology that provides a better way through which people can move around the world. It also provides a platform through which people from different parts of the world can connect to earn cash and enjoy free rides.

Physicians Wellness Group: Michael Jareou founded the Physical Wellness Group in March 1997, and he is the owner presently. This group was established to bridge the gap between traditional healthcare systems and the wellness industry, and one of its uniqueness is the provision of recent research findings from academic institutions and organizations worldwide.

Prevail International Realty: This establishment was also founded by Michael Jareou in March 1977, and presently, he still runs it. It is a commercial real estate and development investment firm, and it is growing rapidly. Ever since its conception, it has kept a clean record of closing notable transactions.

NuVerus USA: This global company was also established by Michael Jareou in June 2009. More so, he is still the owner. NuVerus is a company that has reached continents around the globe. It was established to share health, freedom, and prosperity and it also helps individuals achieve their aspirations and goals.